Compact Disc Technologies

Telephone: (011) 315 4061
Fax: (011) 315 4404


Compact Disc Technologies was established by the major music companies in February 1991, and is today the leading manufacturer in Africa. This has been accomplished by means of maintaining state of the art equipment to provide products of exceptional quality. Our commitment to Training ensures that all staff involved maintain the necessary skills to be the leaders in their field.

In addition to the music market, CDT's multimedia market has expanded rapidly. Always striving to remain at the forefront of technology. During 1999, CDT joined forces with WAMO (Warner Advanced Media Operations) as an affiliate to produce DVD (Digital Versatile Disc). The equipment installed was the first in Africa and is capable of producing DVD-5, DVD-10 and DVD-9 discs. This facility has enabled the local DVD market to grow rapidly.

CDT's overall business strategy is led by the vision of being truly World - Class in all spheres of operation. This total quality commitment is emphasized by the immediate recommendation given by the internationally accredited organisation, the South African Bureau of Standards, for an ISO 9001:2000 listing.

The infrastructure at CDT and the IRMA accreditation provides customers with the assurance that their product is manufactured in a secure environment, and according to the international standards laid down by Philips, Sony and DVDFLLC.

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