Talk of the Town

Telephone: (046) 624 4356


Extending inland from the banks of the Kowie river lies Port Alfred, home to the community newspaper, Talk of the Town. This paper has built up a reputation as a trusted source of news and a committed friend to the people of the area over the past 18 years of existence. The Talk of the Town serves the communities of Port Alfred, Kleinemonde, Bathurst, Grahamstown, Kleinemonde, Fish River, Kenton-on-Sea, Nanaga and all places in between.

The area is home to a diverse community ranging from farmers to business owners to retired folk with Port Alfred the base of 43 Air School and the Stenden University.

The newspaper combines strong editorial content, covering from hard news to school events to sport, with quality advertising, making the Talk of the Town the ideal advertising vehicle. It serves the growing business community which is boosted by a regular influx of tourists and holiday makers keen on enjoying the scenery of the tranquil haven and surrounding towns while making use of the opportunity to shop and visit the vibrant eateries and night spots where entertainment is king.

Talk of the Town can also be found on Facebook, ensuring that those who have left the area can stay up to date with the latest developments.

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