Advertising Department: General Manager Andries Pienaar Email: Telephone:011 280 3719  
What is BD Live? BD Live is an initiative set to provide more premium business content to our audience throughout the day on multiple platforms. It is a direct response to the customer’s needs and addresses developing digital publishing options. BD Live will boost Business Day editorial, provide more content to third parties and produce a brand new digital product suite including: website, mobile and application. The new BD Live editorial team comprises the Business Day Editorial team and additional members originally from I-Net Bridge which used to be a group company. Together the team is responsible for producing premium business content 18 hour per day, 6 days a week. The emphasis is on digital first production and will enable traditional Business Day consumers to access content during the course of the day as and when it happens. BD Live is also the name of the network responsible for delivering; and This initiative launched a freemium subscription to our content digitally ensuring that readers receive the hightest quality content across multiple platforms. Benefits include the ablilty for users to sign-on to the individual websites with a single sign-on across all sites. This means that the system is designed to recognise individuals across the websites, enabling users to sign-on to any of our digital products with ease.
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