Listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Times Media Group is a media company that informs, educates, entertains and connects people. We aim to provide compelling content and creative solutions to enrich lives, helping people to know more, do more and to live inspired. We focus on building internal and external partnerships, investing in quality content delivered via physical and digital channels to best serve our customers’ needs. In a continent where economic progress and social reform are critical goals, we believe that concentrating on our core drivers will ensure appropriate investments to best achieve our vision.

Times Media plays an important role in the communities we serve, in people’s lives. Looking beyond our strategies, our operational structure and excellence, we bring to life incisive newspaper articles and stories, gripping hard-to-put-down novels, mind-twisting movies, tools with which lives are made easier, giving direction, information and knowledge that makes business decisions easier, creating learning partnerships that bring future possibilities closer, giving a hand where it is most needed, debates that span across and have an impact on society.

In a continent where economic progress and social reforms are critical goals, TMG enriches lives, by offering solutions for knowledge, information, leisure and business. That is the essence of what makes TMG the company that it is.

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